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They have laid him in three furrows

Deep laid clods upon his head

Then these three men made a solemn vow                      

John Barleycorn was dead.


They let him lie for a very long time

Till the rains from heaven did fall

Then little sir John sprang up his head

and he did amaze them all


They let him stand till a midsummer day

Till he looked both pale and wan

Then little sir John he grew a long beard

And he so became a man


They have hired men with the scythes so sharp

To cut him of at the knee

And they have rolled and theyve tied him around the waist

Theyve served him barbarously


They have hired men with the crab tree sticks

To cut him skin from bone

And the miller he has served him worse than that

He has ground him between two stones


They have wheeled him here they have wheeled him there

Theyve wheeled him to a barn

And they have served him worse than that

Theyve bunged him in a vat


They have worked their will on JohnBarleycorn

But he lived to tell the tale

For they pour him out of an old Brown jug

And they called him home brewed ale                                                  


Itll make a boy into a man

A man into an ass

To silver it will change your gold

And your silver into brass





The version sung by Steeleye Span.
With an extra verse, I got from Sid Page God knows where he got it.