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Well I've drunk one

And I will drink two

.. can drink quite a few


CHORUS: For hes been and done what the rest  have done

                  Him and his god companions


Well I've drunk two and I will drink three

.. can drink twice as much as me


Well I've drunk three and I will drink four

Fellow by the door can drink many, many more


Well I've drunk four and I will drink five

.. can drink more than any man alive


Well I've drunk five and I will drink six

A couple over there are in a right old fix


Well I've drunk six and I will drink seven

If I drink any more then Ill never go to heaven


Well I've drunk seven and I will drink eight

The landlord he drinks both early and late


Well I've drunk eight and I will drink nine

Ill have another one if they havent called time


Well I've drunk nine and I will drink ten

I think it is time to set them up again