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At the pub at the crossroads there's whisky and beer

Theres brandy from Cognac thats fragrant but dear

But for killing the thirst and for raising the gout

Theres nothing at all beats a good drop of good stout


CHORUS: Drink it up men it's long after ten


At the pub at the crossroads, I first went a stray

There I drank enough drink for to fill Galway bay

Going up in the morning I wore out my shoes

Going up to the cross for best in good booze


Some folk oe'r the water think bitter is fine

And others they swear by the juice of the vine

But theres nothing thats squeezed from the grape or the hop

Beats the black liquidation with the froth on the top


I've travelled in England I've travelled in France

At the sound of good music I'll sing and I'll dance

So hear me then mister and pour me one more

If I cant drink it up then throw my out the door


Its Guinness's  porter that has my this way

Its sweeter than buttermilk and stronger than tea

But when in the morning I feel kind of rough

My curse on Lord Ivy who brews the damned stuff