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When I was single I wore a black shawl

Now that I'm married I wear bugger all


Ch/ ah but still I love him

      I'll forgive him

      I'll go with him wear ever he goes


He came down our alley and whistles me out

But the tail from his shirt from his trousers hung out


He bought me a handkerchief red white and blue

Before I could wear it he tore it in two


He brought me to an ale house and bought me a stout

Before I could drink it he ordered me out


He borrowed some money to by me a ring

Then he and the jeweller went out on a fling


He works in the pit yard for ten bob a week

He comes home on Saturday as full as a leech


He came down our alley and whistles me out

And then when I get there he knocks me about


Oh I love an apple and I love a pear

And I love the pit lad with the bonny black hair


There's cakes in the oven and cheese on the shelf

If you want any more you can sing it yourself


Before we was married we 'ad lots of quids

But now that wes married we got lots of kids


He stands at the corner a fag in his mouth

Two hands in his pockets he whistles me out


Before I was married I'd sport and I'd play

But now the cradle it stands in my way