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Some friends and I in a public house, playing dominoes last night

When all of a sudden in the Potman rushed with his face just like a kite

Whats up? says Brown, Have you seen your Aunt Maria?

Oh me aunt Maria be buggered says he the Blooming pubs on fire.

On fire says Brown What a bit of luck, what a bit of luck, says he,

Down in the cellar if the fire ain't there, well have a grand old spree,

So we all went down with good old Brown, and beer we could not miss,

And we started drinking good old scotch till we ended up like this.



   Oh there was Brown upside down, mopping up the whisky of the floor,

   Booze, booze the firemen cried as they came knocking on the door.

   Dont let them in, till its all mopped up, someone shouted Macintyre

   And we all got blue blind paralytic drunk, when the Old Dunn Cow caught fire.


Old Snooks he rushed to the Port wine tub and he gave it a few hard knocks.

He started taking off his pantaloons like wise his shoes and socks

Hold on says Brown If you want to wash your feet, there's a drop of Four ale here.

Dont wash your trotters in the Port wine tub, when weve got some old stale beer.




Just then there was such an awfull crash, half the blooming roof gave way

We were all drowned with the firemens hose, but still we were all gay.

We got some sacks and old tin tacks, we bunged ourselves inside,

And we started drinking good old scotch, till we were bleary eyed.