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There was an old woman in our town, in our town she did dwell,

She loved her old man dearly, but another man twice as well,


CHORUS: Sing fal la la etc


She went down to the Doctor's to see if she could find,

Anything in this whole world to make her old man blind.


Oh take you sixteen marrowbones, and make him eat them all,

And when his finished he'll be so blind he wont see you at all.


So the Doctor he wrote a letter and he sealed it with his hand,

And he sent it up to the old man so he would understand.


But the old man being a crafty bugger, he knew it all before

He ate them up and he said me dear, I can't see you at all.


Said he I'll go to the river and there myself shall drown.

Said she I'll walk along with you to see that you don't fall down.


They walked along together, till they came to the rivers brim

So gently there shes kissed him and crept away behind.


She ran and she ran behind him to try and push him in,

But the old man heard and he stepped aside and she went tumbling in.


So loudly she did holler and loud for mercy cried

And the old man said, I am so blind I can't see you at all.


She swam and she swam and she swam around till she came to the furthest brim

But the old man found a barge pole and pushed her further in.


Oh it may take sixteen marrowbones to make your old man blind.

But if you want to murder him you must creep up close behind.