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 Down behind the gasworks down in Rawtenstall

Thats a little town in Lancashire

Last Saturday night, me and the lads

Ee by gum, we had some reet good fun.

There were ice cream, switchbacks, coconuts and waxworks

Figure of eights and round-a-bouts

We all paid our tanners and then we all went in

And want we all delighted, when we heard the showmans shout

He shouted


Roll up, roll up come and see the fat girl

Forty stone of loveliness and every bit her own

In went the lads an ee she were big

An all the lads wi walking sticks were giving her a dig

She was a right big lassie we didn't know her chassis

Were blowed up wi air I do declare.

Every thing were champion until some silly clown

Stabbed her wi a pin, shouts the show man wi a frown

All ands to the pumps lads me vessels going down.

At the Rawtenstall annual fair.


Roll up, Roll up, see the house of Mysteries

Ladies pay a shilling to be tickled in the dark

In went the lads just for a peep

But the showman pulled his lever and we landed in a heap

Down he shot em right to the bottom

Frills and bows for every one to see

There were screaming shouting everything were strife

I saw some funny things I've never seen upon the wife

At the Rawtenstall annual fair.


Roll up, roll up, come and see the mermaid

See the lovely mermaid half a woman half a fish

In went the lads and just for a prank

Little Willie 'iggins poured some whiskey in the tank

Well she got frisky swimming in the whiskey

And when she come up for air

She bowed to the audience and gave her tail a swish

Her tail it came of and she really looked delish

She said Now whats your fancy a bit of meat or fish?

At the Rawtenstall annual fair.


Roll up, roll up , see the tattooed lady

See the lovely lady with pictures on her skin

In went the lads and they all gave a cheer

Cos tattooed on her back was all the towns of Lancashire

There was Oswaldtwistle, Manchester city

The town hall standing in the square

There was Bolton, Burnley, Aston-Underline,

The coal pit up at Wigan was lookin mighty fine

But someone shouted Daddy dont go down the mine.

At the Rawtenstall annual fair.