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They calls me hangin' Johnny,
Away, boys, away!
They says I hang for money!
So hang, boys, hang down!

They sez I hang for money

But hanging is so funny


At first I hanged me daddy

And then I hanged me mammy

Oh yeas I hanged me mother,
Me sisters and me brothers

I hanged me sister Sally

I hanged the whole dammed family

They says I hanged me granny,
I strung her up so canny

They says I hung a copper,
I gave him the long dropper

I'd hang the mates and skippers,
I'd hang 'em by their flippers

A rope, a beam, a ladder,
I'll hang ye all together

Hang `em from the yardarm,
Hang the sea and buy a pigfarm

Well hang and haul together

Well hang for better weather

They say I hang for money,
Hangin' ain't bloody funny

They calls me hangin' Johnny,
Ain't never hanged nobody