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O Good Ale


Its of good ale to you I'll sing

And to good ale I'll always cling

I like my mug filled to the brim

And I'll drink all you'd like to bring.


 Ch/  O, Good Ale, thou art my darling

        Thou art my joy both night and morning.


It's you that helps me with my work

And from a task Ill never shirk

While I can get a good home brew

And better than one pint I like two.


I love you in the early morn

I love you in daylight dark or dawn

And when I'm weary, worn or spent

I turn the tap ease the pint


It's you that makes my friends my foes

It's you that makes me wear old cloths

But since you come so near me nose

It's up you comes and down you goes.


If all my friends from Adams race

Were to meet me here all in this place

I could part from all with out one tear

Before I'd part from my good beer.


And if my wife did me despise

How soon I'd give her two black eyes

But if she loved me like I love thee

What a happy couple we would be.


You have caused my debts and I often swore

That I never would drink strong ale no more

But you for all that I forgive

And I'll drink strong ale just as long as I live.